Back-to-School Resource Ideas!

August = STRESS for many teachers because it's the month that we head back to school.  In my opinion, back-to-school time is even more stressful than the hustle and bustle of December with the holidays... would you agree?

There are a handful of things, however, that I look forward to during the month of August, and the TpT Back-to-School sale is definitely one of them!!  Have you heard?  When you shop at TpT on August 3rd and 4th, you'll get 28% off regular prices!  What a great chance to stock up on items you'll need this school year!!!  Just be sure to enter the promo code when you check out!!

I am linking up with several elementary bloggers today to feature our favorite Back-to-School resources along with our best sellers.  It was difficult to choose just one Back-to-School fave, but I finally decided to feature my Partner Play bundles!

I have created a set of 90 fluency-building scripts that students can read with a partner.  After you teach students your partner play expectations and make the copies, this can be a student-led activity for the remainder of the semester, requiring minimal teacher facilitation.  I have a bundle of scripts written for 2nd and 3rd grade readers, and another set for 4th and 5th grade readers to start off the school year. These can be used as a reading center or in classrooms that implement Daily 5, allowing you to work with small groups of students.

I have received a lot of encouraging feedback from teachers saying that their students absolutely love reading the scripts.  If you want to check out a freebie for each age group, just click on the following scripts!

My best-selling resource is my Main Idea Craftivity Cones. This is always one of my favorite activities during the school year, and I have students from years past mention it to me when they see me.  (I also have a version available for lower elementary students- click HERE if you want to view the lower elementary version.)

Thanks for stopping by, and happy shopping on Monday and Tuesday!


  1. Thanks for linking up. You have some great resources that teachers will love!

  2. I love the Main Idea cones!! Students always need more practice with main ideas & details. I'll definitely be looking into that! Love your resources, Deb!! Thanks!!

  3. I agree that back to school is way more stressful than the holidays! We only have 1 week to get classrooms sorted, lessons planned, meetings attended, meet the teacher accomplished, copies made, oh and maybe eat or sleep! TpT to the rescue! :)

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle