Writing PowerPoints... Newly Revised and on Sale!

What do you do during a 19 hour car-ride?  You open up your laptop and update some products that really need a face-lift!  (Well, that and tan one arm and not the other as my daughter so thoughtfully pointed out to me.)

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about these revisions.  These were some of my very early products on TpT, created to use when I was co-teaching writing in three third grade classrooms.  They were so early, in fact, that I didn't even create product covers for them!  If you already own these, definitely download the new versions.  If you want to check them out, they will be 50% off through Friday night at my TpT store!  Just click on the new cover images to check them out!

Topic Sentences BEFORE

Topic Sentences AFTER- 
The new version contains 12 NEW slides!

Which Sentence Does Not Belong? BEFORE
My new version contains a follow-up worksheet!

Analyzing Writing AFTER

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