Anchors Away Monday {3.2.2015}

It's time for Anchors Away Monday!

If all went as planned, my family and I just returned home from a cruise!  I am probably knee-deep in unpacking, attacking a mountain of laundry, helping my daughters catch up on homework from a week missed at school, and trying to catch up myself from a week without Internet access!  We made the 16-hour road trip to Galveston (from Iowa) beginning Saturday, February 21st, hopped on the cruise ship on Monday, and then got back in the car on Saturday for the LOOOOOONG 16-hour roadtrip back to Iowa.  

Moving along, today I want to share an anchor chart idea I ran across on Pinterest!  Do any of you struggle with wondering what to do when you run out of wall-space for your anchor charts?  There are certainly some kiddos who would benefit from seeing the anchor charts all year long, but none of us have the wall space for that!  Well, here's a possible solution from Nasreen at Upper Grades are Awesome!

Isn't this a GREAT idea??  I love the idea of resizing the anchor charts into a size that can be glued into interactive notebooks!  Then, students can refer to them as needed ALL YEAR LONG!

Nasreen provides a tutorial HERE for just how she accomplishes this feat!

Thank you for sharing this great idea, Nasreen!  I can't wait to try it out!

If you have an anchor chart to share, I would love to see it!  Please link up!

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