Analogies Anchor Chart {plus a freebie}

I love today's topic- teaching students the various types of analogies! I still remember having to take the Miller's Analogy Test before being accepted into my graduate school program.  Have you ever taken the test?  I actually  enjoyed it!  In my opinion, analogies are like puzzles!

Prior to class, my analogy anchor chart looks like this:  
Teach students about the many different types of analogies with this student-friendly anchor chart!

We begin by looking at the top half of the anchor chart and discussing how to read an analogy and determine the missing word in the analogy.

Next, we work together to complete the analogies.  We discuss how there are sometimes more than one word that can complete the analogy.  For example, in gross : repulsive :: tasty : ___, multiple words could be written in the blank (delicious, delectable, etc.), and they would all make sense.

Finally, we classify the analogies.  I pass out sticky notes with analogy types written on them (see below).  Usually, about three students "share" a sticky note.  After giving them about two minutes to discuss in their small groups where their sticky note belongs on the anchor chart, students take turns bringing their sticky note to the anchor chart and explaining their thinking.  

Click on the image below to download this FREE practice worksheet that is part of my new analogy bundle.

Also, check out my blog post from last Friday to read about two of my favorite analogy activities to do with upper elementary students.  

If you are looking for more teaching resources for analogies, feel free to check out my analogies PowerPoint!
Analogies PowerPoint- includes 46 slides (over 30 practice slides: fill-in-the-blank & multiple choice format)

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  1. Hi Deb! I love analogies - they're really fun! I'm glad I got to link up today.