Here Lies Linc: A Book Recommendation! {Rafflecopter Giveaway!}

I am just writing a quick post today to recommend a book, and because I'm dying to know if anyone else has read this fabulous mystery (Amazon affiliate link follows):

Kayla, my fourth grader, brought this home on the day Christmas break began and said "I finally got to check out this book!"  She told me that it was one of the books up for the Iowa's Children Choice awards last year, and that she had wanted to check it out all last year, but that it was never available.  I read the back of it and was immediately intrigued, so I asked her if we could read it together.  Kayla, Brooke (my second grader), and I all loved it!

Here Lies Linc is a mystery.  The main character is Lincoln, a boy who just began middle school after being homeschooled for the previous eight years. He lives with his eccentric mother, a college professor who studies cemeteries.  (His father died a few years earlier.) 

One of the reasons I love this book is because there are three storylines going on at once, and the author weaves them together so amazingly well!  First, there is the storyline of Linc starting middle school and just trying to fit in.  Second, there is the mystery of "The Black Angel", a statue in Oakland Cemetery that is surrounded in legend and spine-tingling superstition.  Finally, there is the mystery of Linc's father, and a part of his past that was covered up for so many years until Linc starts to unravel the mystery.

It was difficult to put this book down.  In fact, when I finally closed the book because I just couldn't read aloud anymore, my daughters would beg "Read more!  Read more!"  At the end of this book, the author tells about how she researched for this book, and Kayla and Brooke were even interested in that part.  It turns out that there really is a Black Angel statue in Oakland Cemetery in Iowa City, and Delia Ray did a great deal of research to uncover the real story about the monument.  This caused Kayla to want to google "The Black Angel in Oakland Cemetary" and we found photos of the statue!  We live about four hours from Iowa City, so now my daughters want to see the statue in person.  I assume that the next time we head to Chicago, we will be making a sidetrip to see The Black Angel.

If you are looking for a mystery to read aloud to students in 4th-7th grade, I highly recommend this one!  If you read it, please come back and tell me your thoughts!  Enter the Rafflecopter if you want an opportunity to win this book. I will send a new copy to the winner!

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  1. So excited to read this; always looking for new books for my 4th graders (& my own 4th grade daughter!!) Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I've never heard of this book, but it sounds AMAZING and I'm sure my students would LOVE this book as my next read aloud. I'm certain that my students would really enjoy learning that this book has a connection to Iowa. Iowa City is only about an hour away from us, but I've never heard of this statue, and it might just prompt some of my students to take a trip there to see it.

  3. We are in our mystery unit now! I've got some students reading at a late 4th/ early 5th grade level who would eat this up! Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. This sounds really great! Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to check into it and use it as a book talk for our Mystery Book Clubs in early spring!