December Currently

Listening....My washing machine is beeping at me, telling me to get up and move the towels to the dryer, but so far I haven't budged.  Maybe our Elf on the Shelf, Nick, will do it for me.  :)

Loving.... Advent!  My favorite holiday tradition is gathering around the Advent wreath to say our nightly prayers, and I think it's becoming a favorite for Kayla and Brooke, too!  They cheered yesterday when I told them that it was time to say our prayers around the Advent wreath!  

Thinking... about my twin sister, Dawn.  She is pregnant with their first child, and I am just sooooo excited to become an aunt again... it's been nearly eleven years since my last nephew was born.  I was just thinking about how I hope I get the exciting news at a time when I can hop in the car immediately and make the three-hour trip to meet my new niece or nephew!  

Needing...  to go shopping.  I need to buy some Christmas gifts and the supplies for Kayla's 4th grade school project!

Giving...  It's an annual tradition at our house to make a holiday donation to The Heifer Project.  If you've never heard of it, it is an organization that works toward ending world hunger, but the unique thing about this organization is that you buy an animal for an impoverished family.  The animal helps provide the family with food and income, such as milk or eggs that can be sold at a local market.  Kayla and Brooke always enjoy looking through the catalog and deciding which animal we want to give to a family.

Finally, be sure to check in at Upper Elementary Snapshots on Wednesday for our announcement!  It's definitely our biggest news yet!
                                        Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a cool organization to donate to! Congrats on your future niece or nephew!


  2. Huh I had never heard of The Heifer Project. How cool! That's awesome that you donate every year.

  3. I love how you gather as a family around the Advent wreath! What a beautiful and peaceful tradition to share with your family. Advent is my favorite of the Church year. Congratulations on becoming and auntie again! How fun that you will be soon welcoming a new member to your family. Enjoy your week!


  4. How exciting for your sister! I absolutely love being an aunt!!

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