Meet My Friend, Andie! (Don't Forget to Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway!)

Hello, Friends!  I want to introduce you to my TpT pal, Andie, from Ford's Board. If you've visited her store before, you already know about all of her fun, creative resources designed for upper elementary students.  If you have never checked out her store, be prepared for some fun!  I just LOVE her products, as they are just a little bit different from others I've seen.  The covers always catch my eye, and they are just as incredible when you download the resource and look through it.  Believe me... I know from experience!  I purchased this product and have been hooked ever since!

I always get excited when I scan my new product emails from TpT and see that Ford's Board has posted a new product!  I hope you enjoy reading Andie's guest post, and that you'll enter the Rafflecopter before you leave!


Hi Everyone!  This is Andie from Ford’s Board at Teachers Pay Teachers!  I’m so excited to join Deb and all of you to share a little about myself and the resources I absolutely LOVE to create for educators!  Thanks so much, Deb, for the invitation!

First, I’ve been teaching for 18 years (I think anyway, I’m starting to lose count!) My favorite group of learners are 3rd graders and that’s what I have now, a wonderful mix of very sweet, smart kiddos!  My class is structured and organized, so I have to make sure I balance that with opportunities for my students to engage in a variety of hands-on, creative learning experiences.  Otherwise, it would just be structured and organized and that’s no fun!
Whenever I create a new product, I ask myself 3 questions:

1)    Will this resource be meaningful? (Examples: Common Core aligned, thought provoking, engaging for students, useful for teachers, etc.)

2)   How can I create this resource to get the most out of students?  (My least favorite words to hear from a student are “I’m finished.”)  I aim to create resources that live up to the name WORKsheet!  But like Dave Burgess (from Teach Like a Pirate) says, “There are good worksheets and bad worksheets”.  I create the good ones!

3)   Will this resource be fun to create? I only create resources I enjoy creating.  I’ve tried to create for the sake of creating and it never works!  I’ve just decided to buy those kinds of products from other people who like creating them!

Now, onto a few of my products!  The first one I’d like to share is a newbie in my store.  It’s called Sticky Note Stories.  

I am determined this year to produce awesome writers in my class, but one thing I’ve noticed is that some writers need more than an idea or a prompt to get their creative juices flowing. Sometimes when I’m conferencing with a student, I will ask him or her questions that will guide their writing in a meaningful direction.  Once I’ve asked a few questions related to the topic, the student can usually go back and use those questions to write more details. The great thing about this strategy is that the writer is being asked, not told.  One day, I thought “How can I make this teaching strategy into a resource for teachers?” With Sticky Note Stories, students start with a topic and four questions related to that topic that will help guide their writing.  I also incorporated the use of sticky notes into this resource because I absolutely ADORE sticky notes!  (They are by far, in my opinion, the greatest invention of our time!) Students get a chance to organize ideas on sticky notes before committing them to paper.  This is an especially great resource for writing centers and reluctant writers. This resource is meaningful, it gets the most out of writers, and it was fun to create! (Check!)

Another resource that I’m loving is my 15 Fun Foldables

My latest product in this line of products is the Operations and Algebraic Thinking set.  As I said before, I strive for a healthy balance between structure and spontaneity.  Foldables fit structure and spontaneity perfectly!  They don’t make a lot of noise, yet kids love them as if they do!  Plus, a lot of learning can be packed into foldables, which is why I love them.  Most of the foldables in this set relate to multiplication and division and cover standards in 2nd 4th grades.  This resource is meaningful, it gets the most out of mathematicians, and it was fun to create! (Check!)   

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn about just a few of the resources offered in my store!  I invite you to stop by and take a look around, follow me (Followers enjoy 50% off new products for the first 48 hours!), and hopefully download resources that will be of help to you and your students.  I wish you and yours a beautiful holiday season!

By the way, I’ll be giving away one of my Sticky Notes Stories resources to a lucky winner in Deb’s Rafflecopter, so be sure to participate! Good luck with the Rafflecopter, Deb! 


  1. I love the sticky note book idea A LOT! Kids love sticky notes and to be able to write a book on them - genius!

  2. Your multiplication fact fluency 12 game set looks amazing!

  3. I have added the grade 3 morning work bundle to my wishlist. All of her products look great!!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  4. I'm always looking for new ways for my students to read and think about their reading! Thanks for introducing Andie to me!


  5. These products look great - thanks for pointing me in the direction of them!
    Growing Little Learners

  6. Sticky Stations looks like a great resource to use in my class!

  7. I like the Interactive Reading Notebooks!

  8. It's hard to just pick one! I am interested in most all of the glueables - good thing Black Friday is coming up! :)

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

  9. Thank you for introducing me to Ford's Board. I am her newest follower on TpT! Her store is packed with some goodies. It's hard to choose just one product. However, I will choose her Interactive Reading Notebook & Journal: Exploring NONFICTION with GLUEABLES! Thank you also for hosting yet another generous giveaway!

  10. Thanks for introducing Ford's Board! I really like the sticky note resource :)