Five For Friday {10.17.14}

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I'm loving fall, especially since I checked off my most dreaded fall task last Sunday.  I asked bribed Kayla and Brooke into staying inside for an hour while all of the other neighborhood kids were playing outside, and they tried on clothes to see which pants from last spring were actually still wearable, and which had to be packed up.  Then I packed away all of the summer apparel and dug out the winter clothes.  Have I mentioned how much I despise this 6-hour twice-a-year task?  

How did I bribe them?  I told them we'd be able to go to the Pumpkin Patch with their friends on Monday if they cooperated!

I have received such great feedback on my original partner play bundles, and I enjoy writing the scripts, that I decided to tackle a second edition for grades 4-5!  I posted my new Partner Play bundle earlier this week.

I agreed to chair the Scholastic Book Fair at my daughters' school, so that is taking up a large chunk of my time these days.  There are so many little details with projects like this!  I think it's all set up and ready to go for next week!

It's a castle theme this fall.  I got SO excited when I saw this 6-foot tall knight online, and knew I had to have him.  Isn't he cool?  

It's quiet now, but next week this hallway will be bustling with activity!

We picked out our pumpkins and purchased our candy for the trick-or-treaters!  I can't believe that two weeks from today is Halloween!  We are all ready... except for the yellow leggings that I ordered online for Brooke to wear with her scarecrow dress costume. (Do you know how hard it is to find yellow leggings?!)   I'm crossed my fingers that they arrive by October 31st, even though the estimated delivery date says November 7, at the earliest.  But they already shipped... how can it possibly take over 24 days to get to my house?!?!  

I saved the best for last!  My twin sis is coming back for the weekend!  I can't wait to see her.  She and her husband haven't been back home since Kayla's birthday the first weekend in August!  If I get a good picture, I'll add it to my post!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I hope you get to enjoy some nice fall weather!


  1. I love Halloween, the sights and the sounds of the holiday is what makes me feel giddy like a school girl inside. Love your blog by the way. Have fun with your sister.

    Jasmine Hall
    The Dots of Teaching

  2. I love Halloween, but have never spent it in the US. It's not a big deal down here where I live.
    But I get to enjoy it by reading posts like this one! Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories :)

    - Lucy

  3. You are soooo organized! The Book Fair looks wonderful! I just know those yellow leggings will arrive in time... my fingers and toes are crossed! Have a WONDERFUL time with your sis! I hope you get to spend loads of time together!


  4. I know how hard it is to find a yellow cardigan, so I can imagine how hard it is to find yellow leggings. So glad I finally found your blog!


  5. I am sure those leggings will make it! The Pumpkin Patch looks like fun! I wish we had some like that around here...