Worksheet Wednesday & Wordless Wednesday {7.9.14}

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I created this worksheet for upper elementary students who already have a basic understanding of the differences between nouns and verbs.  I have found that students often think of the majority of words as one part of speech.  When they hear the word "glue", they think of the object, a noun.  When they hear the word "swim", they think of the action of swimming, a verb.  However, "glue" can also be a verb, while "swim" can be a noun at times.  It all depends upon the context of the sentence.  I created this worksheet as a way to bring this concept to their attention.

Click HERE to download!

I hope you and your students find this worksheet to be useful!

Moving on to 

This picture cracks me up!  Do you see Brooke near the back of the coaster car sitting with her dad?  Check out her eyes!  This picture was taken on Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom) a few weeks ago.  She absolutely LOVED every other roller coaster in Disney World, but hated this one!  
Luckily, Brooke laughs when she sees this picture now, but she swears that she will never EVER go on this ride again in her whole entire life!  I have to say, I agree with her!

Can you think of something that you did once, but you plan to never do it again!??


  1. I have always been pretty nervous on roller coasters too, but I guess that's part of the thrill! Some of those rides can be a bit much to handle though. It looks like your family is having a great summer!

    1. Yes, we are having a great summer, besides the daily bickering! :) I am pleased to say that I rode each roller coaster at DisneyWorld! (I had to make myself do it!)

  2. I LOVE the noun and verb activity. Thank you so much! I rode one roller coaster....ONCE was enough:)

    1. Thanks, Shannon! I am glad you like it! I'm thinking that the next time we go to Disney World or another amusement park, my daughters will be old enough to ride side-by-side and I can skip the roller coasters.

  3. Your worksheet is great! My kiddos struggle with this concept every year and every year we go over it and over it. I can always use another resource, especially one of yours, to help them practice and hopefully OWN this skill. THANKS!

    Brooke's expression is priceless! I LOVE to ride roller coasters, all kinds... except one! I rode the Mind Eraser ONCE. It is a roller coaster that first goes forward with all the twists , turns, and loops that you can think of, and then it goes backwards. I was fine until it changed directions. I thought I was going to die! NEVER again!

    Have a great week!

    1. I'm glad that you like the worksheet! My students always struggle with this skill, too!

      That is exactly what Brooke didn't like about Expedition Everest-- that it went backward for part of the ride!!!! (I wasn't a big fan of that part, either.)

  4. Hi Deb. Thanks for the great worksheet. That is sometimes a difficult concept for students to grasp. I'm your newest follower from Oregon. :)

    Your photo is priceless! Poor Brooke! Glad she can laugh about it now. Eating anything gross stuff is definitely out for me. I could never be on the Survivor show!
    Mrs. Renz Class

  5. I agree! I could never do Survivor for that reason and many more!! I love to watch it, though!

    I'm glad you like the worksheet! :) Thanks for following me!


  6. We didn't take the kids on that one, but I loved it! The best part was going backwards :) However, I don't want to see the picture they took of me!! I'm sure that I was screaming!