Technology Thursday:Saving Clear Images

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Technology Thursday!  

Let me begin by saying that some of you (maybe most of you!!) will already know this trick.  But I want to go ahead and write this anyway for fellow bloggers like myself who might be stumped by the irritating problem of blurry photos! 

Yes, I admit that a month ago I did not know how the answer to this question...

How can I avoid images that look like this?!
Ugh!  It's so blurry, but I really wanted to add that blog button in the upper left corner! The only way I used to know how to do was to open the image in my "Paint" program, and then save it as a PNG file.

Here is ONE way to make clear, crisp images.  (I don't doubt there are other ways that I am not aware of!)

Step 1:
Insert your image into PowerPoint, and make any changes you wish.  (For this photo, I really wanted my blog button to be in the upper left corner of the image, so I added that.)

Step 2:
Select "Save as".  Give your image a file name.
Select "PNG Portable Network Graphics Format".
Select "Save".

Step 3:
A pop-up will appear.  Select "Current Slide Only". 

A clearer, crisper image is now saved!  Upload it and.... Voila!  Isn't it amazing how much clearer this version is?!?!

Here are the two versions side by side!  The blurriness is not too noticeable here, but the images are medium sized.  The larger the image is, the more blurry it gets for the picture on the left.

I hope that helps someone out there!  If you happen to know an even easier way to accomplish the same goal, please share!


  1. Wow. I did not notice anything wrong with your first picture, until I saw the end result. It looks so crisp. Great job. I will definitely be bookmarking this page in case I have the same problem with a picture I would like to upload. Thanks for the information.

    1. The difference is amazing, isn't it? Thank you for visiting!

  2. I have had this problem too! Just yesterday I did a blog post. I added some pics of documents that looked terrible! I normally do a screen shot and put them in Publisher. Then I same them as a picture. So, you think if I try it in PowerPoint it will look better? I'm willing to try it!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

    1. I have never tried the Publisher way of saving images. If you actually try the PowerPoint method, would you let me know which way produces the clearer picture? Thanks, Stephanie!

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  4. This is genius! I am bookmarking under my blog folder to try out. Isn't PPT amazing?
    Kovescence of the Mind

  5. Thank you, Deb! I did not know this trick! I have used to make my pictures clearer. This seems much easier!


  6. Thanks, Deb for showing us how to do this. I can't stand when my pictures are blurry. This will help for sure!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'