Meet My Friend, Amy! {And Check out the Raffle Giveaway!}

Today, I would like to introduce you to Amy, from The Core of Grade 4.  

I think I have known Amy personally for about a year now. Actually, though, I feel like I have known her longer than that!  When I became a seller on TpT, she would purchase my products from time to time, and always left very kind and positive feedback!  Eventually I came to recognize her name when I received a feedback notification email containing her name.  I am sure my fellow TpT sellers would attest to the fact that these frequent customers come to feel like friends!

I truly cannot remember how we ended up emailing each other... perhaps Amy does!  But for some reason or another we ended up swapping email messages.  I learned that she is a fourth grade teacher in North Carolina, and her husband is a teacher at the same school!!  (During the Meet Me series hosted by The Teaching Tribune this summer, I learned that they met on their first day of Elementary Ed. classes in college!  How cool is that?!?)  She also has an adorable daughter who is now three!

Amy told me in one of those early emails that she was considering posting some products on TpT, and I encouraged her to go for it!  I am proud to say that I was one of her very first followers!  She has an entire series of math & science concept posters primarily for grades 2-5.  As an ESL teacher, I haven't yet had an opportunity to test any of her products, but I think they look incredible! She made them in a way that allows for plenty of writing opportunities and tasks requiring students to "explain their thinking".  Again speaking from an ESL teacher's perspective, I think this is so vitally important.  Presenting ELLs (and all students) a task in which they must use their newly acquired academic vocabulary throughout all subject areas is so critical to thorough understanding and retention.


Jump over to Amy's TpT store to check all of her fabulous resources!
While you are there, check out her this adorable science FREEBIE poster!

I LOVE how each standard has a page that focuses on vocabulary and requires students to write, AND a page where students apply their knowledge and show what they have learned!

Also, head over to The Core of Grade 4 to check out Amy's post for today, too!  Today she posted about how she used my Nonfiction Text Structures Bundle in her fourth grade classroom last year.  Because of that, I have decided to host a giveaway!  (I'm way overdue for a raffle, don't you think?!)  The winner will receive the nonfiction text structure bundle and one of Amy's concept posters (winner's choice!) to try out in his/her classroom next year.

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