Classroom Tested/ Teacher & Student Approved Episode 21 {GIVEAWAY!}

One thing that joining the TPT and blogging world has opened my eyes to is just how vastly different our school schedules are here in the United States!  And I'm not talking about our friends on a year-round schedule (like my good friend, Cheryl, in California!).  I'm talking about those of us on a traditional schedule!  I just finished up my school year in Nebraska, and there were neighboring school districts who were done in the earlier part of May!!  According to Instagram, however, there are friends in New York who just finished up their school year this past Thursday... two days ago!!  Last summer I was shocked when I started reading blog posts near the end of July where teachers were saying that they were already reporting back to school (and I thought my August 13th date was too early!!), while other teachers last year didn't start until a full week after Labor Day!  And last spring I got a kick out of reading the Friday Instagram posts throughout March and April!  A whole new crop of teachers celebrated the start of their spring break each and every Friday for about 8 weeks straight!

Regardless of when your end-of-year arrived, I'm pretty sure that most of us were at least a little happy to see it greet us!    The topic of this episode of my Classroom Tested - Teacher & Student Approved series is my End-of-Year Together We Soared Awards!  

For Episode 21 today, I am linking up with Amy at The Core of Grade 4!

Click HERE to check out her post describing her experience creating this craftivity with her class!  This craftivity is quite unique compared to my other craftivities, so I think you'll enjoy reading about Amy's experience using this project during her last week of school.

Thanks again, Amy, for "classroom-testing" this craftivity resource!

In keeping with the format of my previous episodes of Classroom Tested - Teacher & Student Approved, I'll share some of the feedback that has been left at my TpT store of this product:

Kirsten E commented:  "My kids loved making these the last week of school."

Edith G left this feedback: "Such an awesome activity!!  My students loved making an award for another classmate and then presenting the award!"

Would you like to use the Together We Soared Awards craftivity in YOUR classroom next year at the end of the year?  Enter the giveaway!  One winner will receive it!  (Already have it?  Enter anyway!  I will gladly substitute it out for another craftivity of your choice.)

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Finally, if you missed previous episodes of this "series", I have links to them in the Classroom Tested-Teacher & Student Approved tab above.


  1. I LOVED doing this at the end of the year with my 3rd graders! It reinforced our work with character traits (although the 'character' they were studying was a classmate) and I truly loved how the awards came from their peers as opposed to me. Each person went up and read their award without sharing who the recipient was and we then played a lil' guessing game as to who it might be. I will DEFINITELY do this again next year (although I'll start it earlier so it isn't so rushed and I can actually snap some pics of the process hehe). I don't think I'll go back to the teacher given awards as peers are powerful and I love that each person got positive feelings from a peer of theirs, whether they were close friends or not. Really cool to see...

  2. This just warms my heart!!!! THANK YOU for taking the time to write this! I think it's so cool how you played the guessing game- what a great way to spread the warm fuzzy feelings when students were fellow students were guessed who didn't even receive the award! I hadn't even thought of that possibility! Please send your pictures my way when you snap them next year.... I would LOVE to see them! Thanks again, Kelli!