Write On! A May Writing Activity!

Perhaps it was the cloudiness of April...
(Will spring ever come to Iowa?  I often wondered.)

Perhaps it was a longing for the end of the school year to arrive...

Whatever it was, a couple of weeks ago, I found myself inspired to create a fun, end-of-year writing craftivity!  Can I show you what I came up with?!    :)

I've co-taught in some fantastic classrooms this year...classrooms where students were often seen helping one another, collaborating, and simply being a great group of students.  I considered the fact that working together, those students accomplished so much over the course of the year...and did so in a great, supportive atmosphere!  It'll be bittersweet to say good-bye to those classes at the end of the year,  I thought.  Anyway, it was that thinking that eventually inspired this writing craftivity -
Together, We Soared Awards!

End of Year Awards! Your students will love giving AND receiving these creative awards! Each student creates a meaningful award for a classmate. This award becomes a cherished keepsake!

You're all familiar with the traditional end-of-year awards that we teachers bestow upon our students.  My intention is NOT to replace those awards (I love those!), but rather to supplement those teacher-given awards with awards that students give one another as well!  This resource includes a plan for having an award ceremony, with students presenting the awards they created to one another. It then takes it a step further with a followup "stopwatch" activity where the rest of the class enhances each award by writing compliments of their own for each student!

Update: My friend, Amy, wrote a blog post about doing this activity with her fourth graders at the end of the year last year (thanks, Amy!). Click on this link to read about how she organized this writing activity in her classroom, and to see her students' work!

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a GREAT conclusion to your school year!


  1. Everything about this post is amazing! I love this spin on student awards. Last year I did the individual student awards tied to candy (it got actually pretty expensive) and the sad thing is: the most vivid memory from it was when one student said, "My sister got a whole bag of candy and I just get this pack of gum?" I was SHOCKED (this was said in front of me and her mother). She had no clue how much time and $$ went into it, and didn't even appreciate what the gum stood for (for having a "bubbly" and welcoming personality- maybe I was a bad judge of character) It turned me off from doing it again this year. This will be a perfect alternative. Also, can't wait to link up with you on Monday! I am a little obsessed with anchor charts!

    Tales of a Teacher

    P.s. sorry my comment is so long :S

    1. Oh, Kelli! What a sour end to the school year! I would have been speechless! I hope this year ends on a more positive note for you!

      I just was at your blog and saw your amazing fraction anchor chart! You have some amazing design skills! I can't wait to see what you link up tomorrow! Thank you!