Anchors Away Monday.... A Weekly Anchor Chart Linky

I have to confess... I have found that I am addicted to anchor charts.  I yearn to catch THIS moment...

A student gazes around the room in search of information he remembers we posted onto an anchor chart.  He scans the room diligently... until finally, he finds his target!  His eyes light up and fixate on an anchor chart.  He scans it, finds the detail he is looking for, and returns confidently to the task at hand.  

I love that moment because I know that the simple anchor chart has provided a student with a necessary scaffold.  It has empowered a student.  It has crafted a connection within a student's schema!  Teaching nirvana, I'd say! 

Whenever I see an eye-catching anchor chart on Pinterest, I pin it immediately, "pinspired" to try recreating it sometime in the future!  I have also spied quite a few anchor chart boards in the Pinterest accounts of many-a-teacher.   It appears to me that the majority of us love a good anchor chart! That's what inspired me to start up this Monday linky!!

First things my opinion, you do NOT need to be an amazing artist to create an effective anchor chart.  Maybe I have that opinion out of necessity; I do not consider myself to be much of an artist!   I would consider myself a "Pictionary artist":  I can draw simple objects, and my students can usually recognize what I have drawn.  (Or sometimes I bypass drawing entirely!  I just glue a colored piece of clip art to my anchor chart.)  Please do not let your artistic skills stop you from linking up!

Have you recently created an anchor chart which has proven to be helpful to your students?  Do you plan to create one this week?  Please link up!

As for my own anchor chart...
I was doing a lesson on probability with a group of third graders.  Many of the students I was working with were ELLs who just needed to learn the academic vocabulary associated with probability.  Here is the anchor chart I created for them:

I can't wait to check out your anchor charts!  Thanks for linking up!


  1. OMG I wrote a similar blurb about a student searching around the room for that "one" chart they knew would help them! So funny! I guess that speaks to the effectiveness of a good ol' anchor chart! Love your probability chart! Pinning now!

    Thanks for hosting!
    Tales of a Teacher

  2. Can't wait to see what others will share here! I use anchor charts all the time. My problem is that I have NO space to hang them. I have to change them in and out. Some of the REALLY important ones I leave all the time. I'll be linking up one of them a bit later... after a Cinco de Mayo party after school;)


  3. I too LOVE anchor charts, and I will be sure to tune in to see what everyone posts, so I can Pin all their creative genius!