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I've been living and breathing parts of speech lately!  Bear with me while I share the brainstorming that went on a few weeks ago...  I knew I wanted to "revamp" my existing Parts of Speech PowerPoint resource.  As you may know, I've been on a mission over the last several months to not only add to my PowerPoint repertoire, but also give my existing PowerPoints a "facelift" with engaging graphics, new fonts, and animation.  Well, my Parts of Speech PowerPoint resource was finally up to bat!

My existing Parts of Speech PowerPoint resource focused only on nouns, verbs, pronouns, and adjectives.  I knew I wanted to expand the selection to cover adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections as well.  I determined the best way to do that was to create three individual PowerPoints, allowing for plenty of practice slides.  I knew what I wanted to do, but just hadn't yet had that spark in terms of a theme to base them all.  That changed, though, one Sunday evening in February as I watched well-known celebrities walk the red carpet prior to the Oscars!  That's it! I thought,  I can do an awards ceremony theme!  Each part of speech can be a celebrity!  I can call it my "Superstars of Grammar" series!  And thus, an idea was born...

My next step was to contact the Aim-azing Jena Flanagan from Aim Less Daze!  I shared with her my "vision", and how I needed an emcee and 8 characters.  I explained that I wanted "Andy Adjective" to be adorned with lots of color and accessories...and I wanted "Victor Verb" to be in an action pose - things like that.  She accepted my request and promised to have them ready for me in a week or so.  Imagine my excitement when she sent the following images to me!  Aren't they incredible?!  So detailed!  So striking!  As with everything Jena has created for me, her final images have been far better than my original vision!
I just noticed that Jena is having a sale at TpT right now!

Below are some images of slides from the three Parts of Speech PowerPoint resources I created!
Episode 1: Nouns, Verbs, & Pronouns

Episode 2: Adjectives & Adverbs

Episode 3: Prepositions, Conjunctions, Interjections
As the PowerPoints developed, I decided that I wanted to create a matching craftivity for each PowerPoint.  Hey, while I'm at it, I thought, why not really jazz it up with an interactive notebook component, and assessment, and an exit slip, too?

So, here are the final creations!
So, I finished these...and decided I wasn't finished!!! While each of the above resources goes into great depth at distinguishing between the parts of speech covered in its "set", I felt that the entire 3-episode series wasn't complete without some sort of compilation, providing an opportunity to distinguish between ALL eight of the parts of speech covered in the series.  Hence, the following was "born"...

You know what, though?  I decided I still can't stop yet!  Now I've got plans to do PowerPoints with "a closer look" at these parts of speech!  For example, I'll do "A Closer Look on Verbs" - to include helping verbs and linking verbs, and "A Closer Look on Pronouns" - to include interrogative, demonstrative, and indefinite pronouns.

I have a feeling this is only just beginning...

So, you've stayed with me this long - you deserve an opportunity to win this set of four Parts of Speech Resources!  One winner will receive the 3-episode set, plus the compilation PowerPoint!  (However, if you win this set and have already purchased these resources from my store, I will allow you to select another BUNDLE resource from my store!)
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  3. Hi Deb! I do love my giveaways! You've been working A LOT, and you've outdone yourself this time! I love these graphics, too!

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