Dos actividades para Cinco de Mayo!

I am fascinated by the Hispanic culture.  I love mariachi music, Mexican food, and my Hispanic students!  Of course, I love their holidays and traditions, too.  Dia de los Muertos intrigues me each fall, and Cinco de Mayo excites me in the spring!

I always like to do an activity for Cinco de Mayo that recognizes the holiday that so many of my students celebrate!  Last year, I took the time to write a Readers' Theater script for Cinco de Mayo. I chose to perform the Readers' Theater in my 5th grade classrooms last year.  (For those of you that might be new to my blog, I am an ESL teacher who spends most of my time traveling between 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms coteaching.)  Since the script has 15 speaking parts, we split the class into two groups and assigned parts.  All of the students seemed to enjoy the activity!
Cinco de Mayo Readers' Theater script!  This 6-page script has parts for 15 readers and contains 5 follow-up activities!

My newest Cinco de Mayo creation is a craftivity! It focuses on the very important skill of using context clues within a sentence to determine the meaning of an unknown word.  After students complete a worksheet, they use the words from the worksheet to assemble the craftivity!

Context Clues activity for Cinco de Mayo!
Students are given a Spanish word, and are asked to name an English word that resembles that word.  Then, they put the English word in the sentence & determine whether the original Spanish word was a cognate or a false cognate.
Cinco de Mayo Craftivity that includes two context clues worksheets!

Feel free to visit my TpT store to check out either of these Cinco de Mayo activities!


  1. Ahh I will definitely have to check this out. It would be so fun to do with my little ESL learners here :)

    XO, Kelly Anne

  2. I am equally intrigued by the culture...for the past 4 years I taught in a school of predominately Hispanic students, run by sisters from Mexico that were sent to the states to run the school. In fact I was one of 5 caucasian people in the building! It was an awesome experience, and I think that it is a culture well worth exploring further!!!! ( I grew up in IA and let me tell you-diversity was not a common school culture for me)! I LOVE that you are teaching this : )