Have You Played ZAP! Yet? {GIVEAWAY!}

I love to play learning games with kids- especially when I am working with small groups! I find that students are almost always engaged and actively involved when they play a game.  Unlike many recent school years, I do not have many small groups written into my schedule this year.

Therefore, I was very excited a few weeks ago when I had an opportunity to play ZAP with a small group of third graders during our school's intervention block!  What is ZAP, you may ask?   I was unfamiliar with this game until a couple of months ago.  It is a FUN, cooperative game that allows for interaction and discussion.  My friend, Angela, from The Teacher's Desk 6 has an entire "line" of ZAP games!

A few weeks ago, I was tasked with working with five students to help them develop the skill of using context clues to determine the meaning of a word.  I knew that I wanted to play a game during one of our "sessions", so I headed to Angela's store, and purchased her Sweet Synonyms and Antonyms ZAP.  When I saw this game, I knew it would be perfect.  It contained challenging words and I also knew that the third graders had been targeting synonyms and antonyms recently, so I would be able to reinforce that skill, as well.  {BONUS!}

I printed the cards and wrote my own sentences on them.  (Remember... I had to include context clues practice in this lesson.)

Then I covered a Pringles can with construction paper and wrote "ZAP" on it.  With that, I was ready for the lesson.  Boy, did those kids love this game!  They took turns drawing a card from the can and reading the question at the top of the card.  It said:  "Is this word a synonym for the word "sweet"?  Or is in an antonym?  Or perhaps neither?"  Then they read my sentence with the context clue provided.  After a brief discussion, they announced their group's conclusion.  If they gave the correct answer, they got to keep the card.  If they did not answer correctly, I took the card.  The group who collected the most cards at the end of the game was the winning group!

But here's the catch!  If they drew one of two ZAP cards in the can, they lost ALL of their collected cards.  Yep, the cards they had worked so hard to collect went back in the can!  Even though there were only two ZAP cards in the entire can, I think each group drew one of the disastrous cards three times!!  My students loved this aspect!  Although I heard many loud groans when they drew a ZAP card, I saw plenty of smiles, as well!

Some of my boys did NOT want to be photographed! :)  There are actually five students playing this game.

 Another thing I really liked about this set of ZAP cards?  It addressed the multiple meaning of "sweet".  Students had to remember that "sweet" refers to a food taste as well as a behavior.  Therefore, "sugary" and "thoughtful" were both considered synonyms of sweet!

I highly recommend that you give one of Angela's ZAP games a try!  I will definitely playing this game again in my classroom!  Thanks, Angela, for creating such a fun learning opportunity for my students!

***I also want to highlight that Angela has a Milestone Mania raffle giveaway going on over at her blog right now!  Hop on over to enter to win a fantastically impressive prize package!

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  1. What a SWEET blog post! Thank you so much for the shout out! I am VERY glad that your students enjoyed ZAP! Better yet I am happy that it was a challenging and engaging learning activity for them. My kiddos and I were supposed to play a ZAP! game today but ran out of time. They were not happy with me. They had me promise to play it on Monday at the beginning of class.

    Have a terrific weekend!