Classroom Tested/Teacher & Student Approved Episode 15 {GIVEAWAY!}

Teaching Genre: one of my favorite topics to teach each year!   

It's also the topic of this episode of my Classroom Tested - Teacher & Student Approved series!

The Teacher's Desk 6For Episode 15 today, I am linking up with the ZAPtastic Angela at The Teacher's Desk 6!
(Zaptastic, you ask?  Check out Angela's TpT store and this will make sense!)  :)

Click HERE to check out her post describing her experience using my Genre craftivity in her class

I can't believe that Angela made a video of her class working on this craftivity!!  I LOVE IT!  Thanks again, Angela, for "classroom-testing" this Genre craftivity resource!
In keeping with the format of my previous episodes of Classroom Tested - Teacher & Student Approved, I'll share some of the feedback that has been left at my TpT store of this resource:

Anne K commented:  "Great activity for learning about genres. I loved the activity sorting of the passages into genres. It made the kids think."

SZag17 left this feedback: "Great activity to start off our genre discussion! Looked adorable in the hall too!"

I think I like teaching genre so much because I love to read myself!  I love introducing students to the various genres of literature.  I find that students sometimes have preconceived notions that they won't like a certain genre, but when they are "forced" to do some actual reading of it, they are pleasantly surprised to find they enjoy it.  (We're all guilty of making assumptions, aren't we?)  :)  Anyway, I love seeing students opening themselves up to a new genre!

I have done this craftivity with fifth graders two years in a row now, and both years I have noticed how this activity really serves as a formative assessment, as well.  It's very helpful to realize which genres are difficult for students to identify, and which genres are easily recognizable.  Then, I can use this information as I plan future lessons.

Would you like to use this Genre craftivity in YOUR classroom?  Enter the giveaway!  One winner will receive it...and to "sweeten the pot", Angela is offering a winner's choice of ANY ZAP resource from her TpT store to the winner as well!
a Rafflecopter giveaway Finally, if you missed previous episodes of this "series", I have links to them in the Classroom Tested-Teacher & Student Approved tab above.

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  1. ZAPtastic... I LOVE my new nickname! Thanks, Deb! Thanks also for the wonderful collaborative project. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as did my students and student teacher!!!