Classroom Tested- Teacher & Student Approved Episode 7

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If you missed previous episodes, here's what we have going on:  I've sent a number of the craftivity resources I've created to fellow bloggers.  These individuals have agreed to use the craftivity in their classroom sometime this fall and then blog about their classroom experience with it!

Grade 4 BuzzFor Episode 7 today, we link up with Lisa at Grade 4 Buzz.
Click HERE to check out her post describing her experience using my Author's Purpose PIE'ED craftivity in her class.

Thanks again, Lisa, for "classroom-testing" this Author's Purpose PIE'ED craftivity resource! 
So, are you reading this and saying to yourself  Huh?!  What is PIE'ED?!  If so, I would love for you to read this previous post detailing this more comprehensive approach to Author's Purpose that I use with my upper elementary students.

In keeping with the format of my previous episodes of Classroom Tested - Teacher & Student Approved, I'll share some of the feedback that has been left at my TpT store of this product:

Susanne K commented:  "This is one of my all time favorite TPT lessons. It totally engaged my 3rd grade students, and I saw them cross-checking with each other and with me because it really MATTERED to them that they got the concept. Excellent!"

Second, I can't resist sharing this, since I'll bet most of you will recognize this name...Jennifer Findley left this comment: "I can't wait to use this! I just love your upper grade craftivities!"

This was the VERY FIRST craftivity I ever created, so it admittedly holds a special place in my heart.  I've thought about "jazzing up" the cover page a few times, but like your Grandma's original apple pie recipe, it just doesn't seem right to mess with it.   :)

Do you want to use this Author's Purpose PIE'ED craftivity in YOUR classroom?  Enter the giveaway!  One winner will receive this craftivity!  (As always, if you win it after you've already purchased, I will send you another product of your choice from my TpT store that's of similar value.)
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Finally, if you missed previous episodes of this "series", I have links to them in the Classroom Tested-Teacher & Student Approved tab above.

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All things INTERACTIVE {Multi-Blog Giveaway!}

I must say... I was so excited to be invited by Joey Udovich to be involved in an All Things Interactive Giveaway!  What a great opportunity for this Iowa gal to connect with you all on this rather HOT topic of late.
Many of you may be hopping to my blog from your other favorite bloggers... THANK YOU for taking the time to visit me today!  (I hope to make it worth your while...keep reading!) 

First, a bit of info on where I come in on the whole Interactive Notebook "spectrum"... Like many of you, I am a USER of interactive notebooks, not a seller.  In fact, I am using them with my students for the first time this year. I am soooo excited about the potential of these notebooks!  As the year progresses, students will have more and more of the standards at their fingertips for constant reference. As an ESL teacher, I truly appreciate the visual aid or graphic organizer attached to most notebook entries. I really feel that ALL students will benefit years from now from their use with interactive notebooks in elementary and middle school.  Several times already this fall, I have found myself asking, “Why didn’t I start using these years ago?”

There are a number of excellent “out of the box” interactive notebook products available. However, my plan is to have
Inference craftivity added to notebook.
students add elements of my craftivity resources into their notebooks.   For example, when our focus is the concept of “inference”, I will have students complete the “Let’s Make S’more Inferences” craftivity.  I will make an extra set of photocopied s'more elements for each student.  I will instruct them to write a description for text clues, background knowledge, and inferences inside the appropriate items. Further, rather than gluing the entire set of s’mores on the paper, though, I will instruct them to take one and glue it to the next page in their interactive notebook.

Likewise, when we focus on “Author’s Purpose”, I intend to reduce the size of the pie “cover” on the copy machine, and then have them glue it to their notebook. When they lift the flap, they will write the definition under the flap.
Definition under each flap.
Pie sized to fit in notebook.

 So… that’s my plan! I am hopeful that these visual references will help students retain all of the skills we will be learning and practicing throughout the year. I’ll keep my blog followers updated on how it goes!
Now the fun part...I've got a freebie for you! Just click on the image above to get it!  It includes the materials for interactive notebook pages that focus on:
          • Main Idea and Supporting Details
          • Context Clues
          • Prefixes
          • Suffixes
          • Themes in Literature
I hope you find them useful.  (Also note that this is a "flash freebie" available for free exclusively on my blog this weekend only ... get it now!)  And if you want to see the complete craftivity that “inspired” these pages, check them out at my TpT store.

So, everyone gets the above...what am I giving away in the raffle?  The big winner of the raffle giveaway gets ALL 5 of the full craftivity resources that are featured in the freebie!

Click to take a look at the prizes and the awesome TpT sellers offering them to all of you!  
Get a closer look at their blogs by clicking 
on the links below the pictures. :)


*Nicole will give away the notebook of the winner's choice!

*Deb will be donating these five products that would work PERFECTLY in any interactive project!

*Jennifer will be donating the fourth or fifth grade notebook of your choice!

Have FuN checking out our links, but please remember that you can only enter this giveaway on one blog!  Please do not enter on multiple blogs, as it is all "going into the same pot!" :)

Thank you for your it's time to get started!  
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