Classroom Tested - Teacher & Student Approved Episode 10 {GIVEAWAY!}

It's been awhile, but I'm back with another episode of my Classroom Tested - Teacher & Student Approved series!
If you missed previous episodes, here's what we have going on:  I've sent a number of the craftivity resources I've created to fellow bloggers.  These individuals have agreed to use the craftivity in their classroom sometime this fall and then blog about their classroom experience with it!

For Episode 10 today, I am linking up with Staci at Let's Teach Something.
Click HERE to check out her post describing her experience using my Synonym Roll craftivity in her class

Thanks again, Staci, for "classroom-testing" this Synonym Roll craftivity resource!

In keeping with the format of my previous episodes of Classroom Tested - Teacher & Student Approved, I'll share some of the feedback that has been left at my TpT store of this product:

Orangepeonee commented:  "Can't wait to do this, this year. I may repeat it with make-your-own-synonyms pairs afterwards, and plan to experiment with that set being on paper plates, I really appreciate the super detailed instructions and tips."

AllisonKelly89 left this feedback: "My third graders had so much fun creating their Synonym Rolls! Thanks!"

I created this activity last year in January, and my third graders really responded well to this activity.  I will never forget the day in April when we were preparing for a spring assessment, and I overheard two kids talking.  One of the kids asked, "What is a synonym again?"  His partner answered, "Don't you remember... the synonym rolls we made??"  The first student replied, "Oh yeah!  We had to write a word that means the SAME on the frosting!  Synonyms mean the same thing!"

I am already looking forward to doing this particular craftivity with my third graders this year shortly after we return from winter break!

Would you like to use this Synonym craftivity in YOUR classroom?  Enter the giveaway!  One winner will receive it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Finally, if you missed previous episodes of this "series", I have links to them in the Classroom Tested-Teacher & Student Approved tab above.

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  1. Your craftivities are the best! I hope to win this, but I'm sure if I don't, I'll be purchasing it very soon!