Classroom Tested- Teacher & Student Approved Episode 7

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Thanks for stopping by for another episode of my Classroom Tested - Teacher & Student Approved series! 
If you missed previous episodes, here's what we have going on:  I've sent a number of the craftivity resources I've created to fellow bloggers.  These individuals have agreed to use the craftivity in their classroom sometime this fall and then blog about their classroom experience with it!

Grade 4 BuzzFor Episode 7 today, we link up with Lisa at Grade 4 Buzz.
Click HERE to check out her post describing her experience using my Author's Purpose PIE'ED craftivity in her class.

Thanks again, Lisa, for "classroom-testing" this Author's Purpose PIE'ED craftivity resource! 
So, are you reading this and saying to yourself  Huh?!  What is PIE'ED?!  If so, I would love for you to read this previous post detailing this more comprehensive approach to Author's Purpose that I use with my upper elementary students.

In keeping with the format of my previous episodes of Classroom Tested - Teacher & Student Approved, I'll share some of the feedback that has been left at my TpT store of this product:

Susanne K commented:  "This is one of my all time favorite TPT lessons. It totally engaged my 3rd grade students, and I saw them cross-checking with each other and with me because it really MATTERED to them that they got the concept. Excellent!"

Second, I can't resist sharing this, since I'll bet most of you will recognize this name...Jennifer Findley left this comment: "I can't wait to use this! I just love your upper grade craftivities!"

This was the VERY FIRST craftivity I ever created, so it admittedly holds a special place in my heart.  I've thought about "jazzing up" the cover page a few times, but like your Grandma's original apple pie recipe, it just doesn't seem right to mess with it.   :)

Do you want to use this Author's Purpose PIE'ED craftivity in YOUR classroom?  Enter the giveaway!  One winner will receive this craftivity!  (As always, if you win it after you've already purchased, I will send you another product of your choice from my TpT store that's of similar value.)
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Finally, if you missed previous episodes of this "series", I have links to them in the Classroom Tested-Teacher & Student Approved tab above.

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  1. I just used your Author's Purpose PIE'ED PowerPoint with my 8th graders on Friday and your Author's Purpose Task Cards are my lesson for tomorrow. I had them make a similar "pie" to this one as their notes while I was going over the PowerPoint. I absolutely love your activities and craftivities. Thank you for everything!! :) :)

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with me, Amanda! You just made my day!

  2. I love your marketing idea - you are a true businesswoman and teacher!

  3. I teach 2nd grade, and my class has a really hard time figuring out the author's purpose.