School Week Link Up: Teacher's Choice...Craftivities Galore!

It's the final day of the School Week Linky; many thanks to Tracey at The Teacher's Chair for hosting such a great event!  I love today's topic - Teacher's Choice!

Well, those of you who have been to my blog before likely know that I am addicted to craftivities!  As an ESL teacher, I love hands-on activities.  I believe that all students benefit from hands-on activities, but ELLs in particular seem to depend on them.  It can be tricky to make topics like "inferencing" and "using context clues" into hands-on activities, but I find that I enjoy that challenge! 

I have been rather surprised to find that my 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders seem to love the craftivities I come up with even more than I do.  I think they see it at as activity that gives them an opportunity to be creative, and is totally different than completing a skill worksheet.  As a teacher, I realize that these activities help a ton with retention!  I can't tell you how many times a conversation similar to this one happened last year:

Me:  Raise your hand if you can tell us the author's purpose for writing this passage.
A few students raise their hand immediately.  A few looked stumped.
Student (usually under his/her breath):  Author's Purpose.... oh yeah, those pies we made... (you see the wheels turning, and then suddenly his hand shoots into the air). 

I've also overheard conversations between students.
Student 1:  What is a syononym again?
Student 2:  Remember those synonym rolls we made?
Student 1:  Oh yeah!  The words mean the same!

This is one of my newest craftivities I created for my 3rd grade friends:
Students read the sentences on the "shields" and determine whether each sentence contains a simile, a metaphor, or an example of alliteration.
Click HERE to see a preview of this product!

A craftivity I recently created for my upper elementary students focuses on character traits:
Students read up to 16 passages, and then create a picture frame for each character.  The picture frame has the character's name below the picture, and his/her character trait is listed above the picture.
Click HERE to see a preview of this product!

If you want to try some craftivities this year, I have more than 35 of them available in my store (with more to come!).  And don't forget to email me for your free craftivity (see the top of my blog page)!

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  1. Craftivities do help add meaning to concepts. Author's Purpose pies are one of my favorites!

    Eclectic Educating

    1. Agreed! I'm thinking Author's Purpose pies might be a favorite for many teachers, as it's my best-selling craftivity at my TPT store! Thanks for stopping by my blog! ~Deb

  2. So creative. How do you come up with all this stuff?! I love how colorful the sentence activity turns out and how simple but effective the character trait activity is!

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

    1. How do I come up with my craftivity ideas? It becomes a personal challenge, I guess...ideas come to me when I'm on the the the car...playing with my girls... my mind is always working these days... :)

  3. Tell me about Synonym Rolls! That sounds so fun!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  4. Here's a link to the product if you want to check it out:
    Synonym Roll Craftivity

  5. I love your Sentence Superhero project! Such a great idea!!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  6. So glad you found me so I could fine you! I'm your newest follower... love all the craftivities!

    Floating Through Fifth