Incorporating Craftivities into Interactive Notebooks

This is my last week of summer break.  I return to school on August 12th, and our students join us on August 14th.  I'm trying to savor this final week.  I don't know about you, but even though I love my job, I'm always sad to see summer come to a screeching halt. Although summer doesn't officially end for another 5 weeks, it sure does feel like summer ends the minute I walk back into that first staff meeting of the year.  The relaxed feel of summer vanishes, and I'm back to wondering how I'll get everything done.  BUT... The less I think about it, the easier the transition is, so I'm moving on!

A major goal I've set for myself for the school year is to implement interactive reading notebooks!  Since I am an ESL teacher who co-teaches in classrooms, this means I need to convince one of my co-teachers to implement these with me.  I don't think that will be too difficult, though, especially when there are great products like Nicole Shelby's Interactive Notebooks to show them!

My plan is to have students add elements of my craftivities into their notebooks.  For example, when our focus is teaching "inference", I will have students complete the "Let's Make S'more Inferences" craftivity.  However, instead of gluing all six onto the construction paper, I will instruct them to glue 5 to the construction paper, and choose one to glue to the next page in their interactive notebook.
S'mores used in my Let's Make S'more Inferences crafitivity.

Likewise, when we focus on "suffixes" and "synonyms", I will have students set aside a few butterflies and synonym rolls to glue to their interactive notebook pages. 
Butterflies used in my Soaring Suffixes craftivity.

Cinnamon rolls and icing used in my Synonym Rolls craftivity.

So...that's my plan!  I am hopeful that these visual references will help students retain all of the skills we will be learning and practicing throughout the year.  I'll keep you updated on how it goes!

One last thing - just a reminder of the raffle I have going on right now...I'm giving away one of my Back-to-School Mystery Readers' Theater scripts! (Check out the previous post for further details.)  Here's the entry form:

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Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey Deb!! I want to use ISN this year too, so I'll definitely be following you on Bloglovin' to see what all you are up to! We start back next week. Trying to savor my last Friday, but I have yet to buy school shoes or supplies for my oldest. I think it's denial. :)

    Happy Friday!
    Fun In 5th

  2. I love interactive notebooks and incorporating crafts makes them even better! :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  3. What a fantastic blog filled with wonderful ideas! I really, really want to do a language arts interactive notebook this year! Enjoy your last weekend of summer break and have a wonderful first day!

    Mrs O Knows

    1. Thanks so much, Rachel! I'll be watching your blog for experiences you write about with your use of interactive notebooks, too! ~Deb

  4. I love the idea of an interactive notebook. That way students can have fun making the craftivities and keep them in one spot to use as a reference. Thank you!


    1. Agreed. Interactive notebooks for students to "complete" and later reference back to seems such a great tool. I'm very excited to use them this year! ~Deb

  5. I love your craftivities but I am not sure that my students would like gluing them in the notebook. They like to take them home to show their parents....

    1. Yes, definitely! They are so proud of the finished product. I plan to have my students glue just one sample in their interactive notebook- 1 of the 6 s'more inferences, 1 of the 12 synonym rolls, 1 of the 4 theme-filled cupcakes, etc. Therefore, they would still have a finished craftivity that they can take home or that I can display! ~Deb

  6. I have the goal of using interactive notebooks this year too! I like your idea of adding a little crafty touch to them 3rd graders would love that.
    Thanks for sharing...your blog design is so adorable. Christi does a great job - she did mine too!
    ღ Diane

  7. I like how you plan to use your craftivites in your nitebooks. I just added your products to my wishlist=)
    TGIF-Third Grade Is Fun

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I'm glad you like them!

      I just visited your blog, and I'm now a follower.

      Good luck getting your classroom ready!


  8. I love interactive notebooks. I can't wait to get them started this year.